Questions on BOP ram rentals? Let our BOP ram experts assist you!

Q. I don’t see the size and type of ram I need listed. Can you supply it?
A. As a distributor for Cameron, GE Hydril and NOV (Shaffer) rams, Variable Bore Rams, Inc. is able to provide more sizes and types of BOP rams. Additionally, we are constantly adding to our inventory of rams to ensure our customers’ needs are met. If we don’t have the type and/or size ram you need, one of our BOP Ram Specialists will be glad to work with you to see if we can accommodate your request.

Q. How many sizes and types of blowout preventer rams do you keep in stock?
A. Variable Bore Rams, Inc. has one of the largest inventories of OEM blowout preventer rams. Our 26,654-square-foot facility currently has more than 1,600 different types and sizes of blowout preventer rams in stock.

Q. Do you carry mud buckets and other oil and gas rental equipment?
A. No. Variable Bore Rams, Inc. specializes in BOP ram rentals and elastomers only. This focus allows us to ensure quality and quick delivery of the exact type and size BOP ram you need for the job.

Q. Do you stock foreign-manufactured rams that are comparable to the main U.S. brands?
A. No. Variable Bore Rams, Inc. exclusively provides rams directly from Cameron, GE Hydril and NOV (Shaffer) so our customers can rely on consistent sizing and specifications.

Q. What is the best way to find out if Variable Bore Rams, Inc. has the BOP ram size I need?
A. For our customers’ convenience, you may request a quote or call one of our BOP Ram Specialists at 1-337-256-5334 or 1-800-233-3603.

Q. If a rig has a blowout preventer with a fairly new design, how long will it be before you carry it?
A. Variable Bore Rams, Inc. works directly with BOP manufacturers Cameron, GE Hydril and NOV (Shaffer) to ensure we are stocking rams for the latest BOPs on the market. Additionally, if a customer requests a size or temperature rated ram for a newer BOP that we don’t currently carry, our team will make every effort to get this ram added to our inventory quickly.

Q. How quickly can you get rams delivered to Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania, the United Kingdom, etc.?
A. Variable Bore Rams, Inc. will make every effort to have your ram rental request ready for pickup within a minimal amount of time.  We have readily available equipment on the ground in South Texas, West Texas and the United Kingdom. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year anywhere in the world.

Q. How are rams and elastomers transported to my locations?
A. Items will be shipped out via a third party trucking company of our customers’ choice.  We understand that our customers have relationships with certain companies so we will adhere to those relationships.

Q. Does Variable Bore Rams, Inc. sell BOP rams?
A. No. Variable Bore Rams, Inc. provides BOP rams for rent only.

Q. Since you are an OEM provider with Hydril, do you offer annular products for rent, too?
A. No. Variable Bore Rams, Inc. provides BOP rams and elastomers only.

Q. What is an OEM provider?
A. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the BOP rams we rent are manufactured by either Cameron, GE Hydril or NOV (Shaffer) and not someone making a ram believed to be comparable.

Q. Why rent BOP rams from an OEM provider instead of purchasing directly from the manufacturer?
A. Opting to rent BOP rams from us instead of purchasing directly from the manufacturer saves you the headache of cleaning, maintaining and storing multiple types and sizes of rams in-house.  Renting from us also allows you to expense your costs as incurred as opposed to purchasing an asset and spreading the cost over multiple years. Additionally, we frequently have customers contact us because purchasing from BOP ram manufacturers often calls for a long lead time before delivery.

Q. Whom should I contact to set up a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with Variable Bore Rams, Inc.?
A. Anyone wishing to enter into a master service agreement/contract with us may complete our contact form.

Q. How do I find my account representative or a regional contact person?
A. Request a quote or call one of our BOP Ram Specialists at +1-337-256-5334 or toll free from within the United States at 1-800-233-3603.  We will be more than happy to connect you with the proper person.

Q. Can you fulfill ram requests for a job in Romania or do you just serve the United States?
A. We can fulfill your ram requests for work anywhere in the world not sanctioned by the United States government.  We have stock equipment on the ground in the United Kingdom for quicker delivery to other parts of the world.

Q. Can you provide day rate rentals for BOP rams?
A. Yes.

Q. Does it cause excessive wear and tear on BOP rams to close on themselves?
A. Although we hear of BOP rams frequently being closed without pipe in the BOP, this is not a good idea. Closing a ram on itself will not damage or shorten the life of a ram, however the elastomer products may endure unnecessary stressing which would decrease its lifespan.

Q. In general, drilling contractors and operators prefer or require OEM products for BOP spare equipment such as rams and elastomers. Can you confirm that the equipment Variable Bore Rams, Inc. rents was originally purchased from the manufacturer?
A. Yes. Not only does all of our equipment come in the original manufacturer packaging when we first receive it, but we maintain detailed records on all our rental equipment to ensure compliance.

Q. How often should I plan to “redress” a blowout preventer ram?
A. A VBR BOP Specialist will notify the customer when it is advisable to replace the elastomers and/or ram blocks. Replacements may also be needed following a well transfer if the rig can no longer achieve a pressure test on the BOP.

Q. Do you carry blowout preventer rams that may be used in high temperature environments?
A. Yes

Q. Do elastomers actually have a shelf life?
A. Yes. At Variable Bore Rams, Inc. we not only have a state-of-the-art elastomer storage facility to ensure that the quality of our elastomers are maintained, but we never send expired elastomers to a customer. Due to the chemical makeup of these rubber goods, climate and age can impact the life of ram rubbers.

Q. Can drilling fluids and other well liquids affect the quality of ram elastomers?
A. Yes