Dual Flex Bore Rams

Our inventory of Cameron Dual Flex Bore Rams ranges from 7-1/16 inches to 21-1/4 inches, with working pressures of 5M, 10M and 15M – all Type “U”. Please refer to the graph below for dual flex bore ram specifications:

Click here to download our dual flex bore ram specification chart.

Bore Size 7-1/16"7-1/16"7-1/16"11"11"11"13-5/8"13-5/8"13-5/8"16-3/4"16-3/4"18-3/4"18-3/4"21-1/4"21-1/4"
Working Pressure (psi)5M10M15M5M10M15M5M10M15M5M10M5M10M5M10M
Dual Ranges******2-3/8"x 3-1/2"2-3/8"x 3-1/2"*******