Variable Bore Rams

Our inventory of GE (Hydril) Variable Bore Rams ranges 7-1/16 inches to 18-3/4 inches, with working pressures of 5M, 10M and 15M. We carry GE (Hydril) type variable bore rams.

Click here to download our variable bore ram specification chart.

Please refer to the graph below for variable bore ram specifications:

Bore Size7-1/16"7-1/16"7-1/16"11"11"11"13-5/8"13-5/8"13-5/8"18-3/4"18-3/4"18-3/4"
Working Pressure (psi)5M10M15M5M10M15M5M10M15M5M10M15M
VBR Range******3-1/2" To 6"2-7/8" To 5"**2-7/8" To 5-1/2"3-1/2" To 5-1/2"
VBR Range******4-1/2" To 7"3-1/2" To 5"**3-1/2" To 5"3-1/2" To 5-7/8"
VBR Range**********4-1/2" To 7"4-1/2" To 7"
VBR Range***********5-1/2" To 7-5/8"