Variable Bore Rams Inc. Supports South Louisiana Flood Victims

BROUSSARD, La. (Sept. 12, 2016) – Variable Bore Rams Inc. is lending support to communities in the southern Louisiana disaster zone in the wake of recent flooding.President of VBR, Hines M. “Chip” Marshall Jr. said, “I am truly blessed to have everyone at VBR and the people of Louisiana in my life. I love southern Louisiana, and find the people in this region to be so gentle, loving and loyal to the core.When I moved here, straight out of Texas A&M, everyone welcomed me with open arms.”

After seeing the devastation the flooding has caused, Chip and VBR employees were compelled to do something. The team distributed gift cards directly to families affected by the worst U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, in an effort to help communities rebuild.

VBR was founded in Lafayette, La., in 1980 and is now headquartered in Broussard, La. With strong roots in the heart of southern Louisiana, the company employs multiple personnel from the surrounding area, and regularly hosts local appreciation events to strengthen the company’s ties with customers, vendors and the neighboring communities.

Chip continued, “I have grown to deeply appreciate the people and culture that surround and support our employees in southern Louisiana, and I owe so much to so many.”

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Celebrates 35 Years of Service

LAFAYETTE, La. (April 16, 2015) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc. (VBR), one of the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ram and BOP component providers in the world, is celebrating its 35th year of providing exceptional support and service to blowout preventer operators.

The company, founded in Lafayette, Louisiana, has grown from offering a single variable bore ram model to hosting one of the largest inventories of OEM blowout preventer rams and elastomers in the world.

VBR’s 26,654 square foot state-of-the-art warehouse facility, recently constructed in Broussard, Louisiana, houses more than 1,600 different types and sizes of blowout preventer ram type products. All VBR equipment is maintained to meet OEM, API, NTL and BOERME requirements and is stored in temperature and humidity controlled facilities to ensure product reliability.

“What started, back in 1980, as a small company focused on accommodating rigs with specific blowout preventer requirements has expanded to include both domestic and international energy markets,” said Hines M. “Chip” Marshall Jr., president of Variable Bore Rams, Inc. “For the past 35 years our team at VBR has been proud to offer quality services and equipment at a moment’s notice in an effort to keep our customers operating in a safe and productive environment, and I look forward to continuing to provide customers with this same service for years to come.”

VBR has distribution centers in Louisiana, Texas and the United Kingdom.

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Opens Second Distribution Center in Texas

LAFAYETTE, La. (July 29, 2014) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc. (VBR), one of the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ram providers in the world, has expanded with a new distribution center in Midland, Texas, President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall Jr. announced.

The new facility will improve response time in New Mexico, Oklahoma and West Texas by up to seven hours and make inventory rotation into and out of VBR’s headquarters easier. Available inventory will include approximately 100 sets of various dressed rams and 200 sets of spare elastomers.

“This is the second facility in Texas we have opened in the last two years as a result of the increasing demand,” said Marshall. “We look forward to handling the high volume of work in this area at an even more accelerated pace with this new facility.”

VBR has identified at least 300 rigs in West Texas that would benefit from the new distribution center’s expansive ram inventory and quick response time.

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. provides support for blowout prevention operators worldwide and offers a wide variety of variable bore ram products. Stocking the latest in equipment and providing the most recent product upgrades, engineering updates and technical bulletins, VBR provides services worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and at a moment’s notice.

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Names McCreary as Sales Account Manager

Broussard, LA (September 19, 2013) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc. (VBR), one of the largest original
equipment manufacturers (OEM) of blowout preventer components and ram providers in the world, has named Cameron McCreary as sales account manager, announced President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall, Jr.

Based in San Antonio, McCreary will be responsible for expanding sales and revenue in the west and south Texas regions. He will establish productive, professional relationships with key personnel within his accounts while cultivating existing company relationships. McCreary’s role also requires management of tickets and invoices within his area.

Previously, McCreary held two positions at Drilformance as a city sales representative and a field sales representative. He has also worked with National Oilwell Varco (NOV) and Hughes Christen Company. Additionally, McCreary has completed various bit selling solutions courses and seminars.

“We are pleased to add Cameron to the VBR team due to the immeasurable value he brings to this position,” said Marshall. “His previous sales experience will be an asset to VBR as he leads his team as a sales account manager.”

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Enters Into Agreement with Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte Ltd to Provide Blowout Preventer Rams

LAFAYETTE, La. (Jan.22, 2013) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc.(VBR), one of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of blowout preventer components and ram providers in the world,has entered into an agreement with Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte Ltd to provide Blowout Preventer (BOP) rams, announced President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall, Jr.

Equipment stocking will begin in Feb. 2013 and will allow for the quicker deployment of rams in the Asia Pacific region. The range of stock will include rams of multiple sizes in varying categories including 7-1/16 inch, 3-15M; 11-inch, 3-10M; 13-5/8-inch, 3-10M; 18-3/4-inch, 10-15M; and 21-1/4-inch, 2M.

“We have a long standing relationship with Weatherford UK Ltd which significantly influenced being chosen for this contract,” said Marshall.”The company is proud to be connected with such a worldwide influence in the industry, and we hope that our presence in the Asia Pacific region will help us to grow globally and increase our service offerings overseas.”

The venture will be headed by the Weatherford Pressure Control Business unit and Variable Bore Rams, Inc.’s International Operations department.Both organizations will oversee all operational activity involved with the contract.

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Adds Hydril Shearing Blind Ram to its Offerings

LAFAYETTE, La. (Nov.28, 2012) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc. (VBR), one of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEM)of blowout preventer components and ram providers in the world,has added the GE Hydril shearing blind ram to its offerings, announced President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall, Jr.

Manufactured by GE Hydril, the ram is capable of completely shutting off the well after pipe has been sheared. It is recommended for all applications using 9-5/8″pipe and below and available in sizes 18-3/4-10M and 18-3/4-15M.

In adherence to safety requirements, the ram is American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified. As an added advantage, interchangeable shearing blades separate this product from competing rams.

“This product is available worldwide through VBR Inc. and benefits our clientele by providing them with a more versatile option to their operational needs,” said Marshall. “As the demand for our products grow, it is imperative that we match that with an expanding inventory.”

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Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Names Leger Operations Coordinator – Quality Control

LAFAYETTE, La. (Oct.11, 2012) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc. (VBR), one of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ram and associated Blow‐Out Preventer (BOP) component providers in the world, has named Brandon Leger Operations Coordinator–Quality Control, announced President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall, Jr.

Leger will be responsible for VBR’s Quality Program, a management system used to document the company’s best business practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers, and improve the overall management of the company. Additionally, he will oversee the quality assurance of all OEM equipment and operations within VBR.

Leger graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial technology and a minor in business. He has completed course work approved by the Standardized Emergency Management System in compliance and implementation.

“Brandon’s role is critical in ensuring the quality and integrity of our products and services; this is essential in competing in the global market,” said Marshall. “As we continue to expand our presence and demand grows, it is paramount that quality control is not overlooked.”

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Opens Distribution Center in Yoakum, Texas

LAFAYETTE, La. (June 14, 2012) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc. (VBR), one of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of blowout preventer components and ram providers in the world, has added a distribution center in Yoakum, Texas, announced President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall, Jr., P.E.

The new distribution center will reduce response time in West and South Texas by more than 20 hours. The distribution center’s equipment will include a large and diverse inventory specifically selected for these regions, along with a complete selection of spare elastomers. The location will make it easier to rotate inventory from VBR’s headquarters in Louisiana.

“With a strong demand in West and South Texas, we felt it necessary to make our inventory more accessible for our customers there,” said Marshall. “We can now replace tools at a more rapid pace, avoiding potential downtime on the job; all while maintaining quality service and products.”

VBR intends to grow its customer base in this area by offering a wide variety of blowout preventer rams and elastomers manufactured by Cameron, GE Hydril, and NOV (Shaffer). The stock includes, but is not limited to: variable bore, dual bore, straight bore, multi-bore, dual string shear, casing and blind rams; all available at a quick response time.

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Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Adds Primeaux and Brocato to Broussard Office

LAFAYETTE, La. (May 1, 2012) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc. (VBR), one of the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ram providers in the world, has named Jared Primeaux Operations and Logistical Coordinator and Mathew Brocato Assembly Technician, announced President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall, Jr.

Primeaux’s responsibilities will include quality control for all active jobs and customer inquiry response. Brocato will manage warehouse inventory and maintain quality control of all BOP rams in VBR’s vast inventory.

Primeaux holds a certification in Cameron BOP type “U”, advanced safety tracking management, basic rigger training, and operation safety. Prior to joining VBR, he served as Quality Control Supervisor for Quail Tools. Primeaux has five years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

Brocato holds certifications in overhead crane and forklift equipment operation; and advanced safety tracking management. He has held positions with Whitco Oilfield Supply and Southern Steel Supply. Brocato joins VBR with four years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

“Jared’s experience made him the perfect choice for this position. He is a great representative for VBR and will work hard to ensure our customers’ needs are met on a daily basis,” said Marshall. “Mathew has proven that he has the skill-set and knowledge required to manage our facility’s inventory with a focus on safety and quality control.”

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Maintains Superior Safety Performance – Exceeds Industry Standards

LAFAYETTE, La. (Dec. 12, 2011) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc. (VBR), one of the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ram providers in the world, has exceeded Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA) industry standards by meeting a total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of .93 in 2011, announced President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall, Jr.

VBR’s dedication and commitment to provide quality products safely played a vital role in securing a verified frequency rate below the OSHA standard of 1. This year’s frequency rate is an improvement from the .94 rate recorded in 2010.

OSHA bases safety records on recordable incidents and total man hours. The TRIR (sometimes referred to as the Total OSHA Recordable Rate) uses the number of OSHA recordable injury and illness cases. TRIR is the number of OSHA incidents multiplied by 200,000 and then divided by the number of hours worked.

The 200,000 hours in the formula represents the equivalent of 100 employees working 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, and provides the standard base for incidence rates.

“It is easy to talk about the importance of safety, but at VBR we take pride in practicing what we preach – our numbers are the proof,” said Marshall. “We look toward 2012 with the continued intent to incorporate health, safety and environmental responsibility into our goals and plans to better serve our customers.”

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