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BOP RamsVariable Bore Rams, Inc. serves as the industry liaison between the blowout preventer operator and manufacturer. We provide a wide variety of blowout preventer rams including, but not limited to, variable bore rams, dual and straight bore rams, multi-bore rams, dual string shear rams, casing rams, blind rams, etc. We stock one of the largest selections of OEM blowout preventer rams in the world. All equipment is manufactured by one of the three major blowout preventer manufacturers: Cameron, GE Hydril, or NOV (Shaffer). Certificates of conformance (COC) are provided with our equipment and we have full traceability on all components of our inventory. Elastomers are stored in a state of the art climate controlled facility to ensure proper life and functionality of the rubber goods.

 We at Variable Bore Rams, Inc. often order and specify newly designed equipment and report back the empirical field results to the manufacturer. There are literally hundreds of different blowout preventer rams in the oilfield, with new models being introduced every year. Variable Bore Rams, Inc. is dedicated to staying abreast of this technology while maintaining immediate availability of these products globally. After thousands of successful jobs, Variable Bore Rams, Inc. is unsurpassed in its expertise and we specialize in the oilfield’s ram rental needs.
Did You Know? VBR Also Holds the Following Certifications
ABS Certified       DNV GL certified
GE Hydril
NOV (Shaffer)



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