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CameronCameron BOP Rams is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services. The Cameron master brand is synonymous with reliability, solutions and expertise. They are one of the three major blowout preventer manufacturers in existence in the world today. Cameron has been in the oilfield industry for more than 175 continuous years and they offer more than 60 strong product brands, one of which is the Cameron variable bore ram. Cameron designs and manufactures a large number of different types of blowout preventer rams and related elastomers of which Variable Bore Rams, Inc. maintains in our stock.

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. offers the following types of Cameron blowout preventer rams:

Dual Bore Rams

Dual Flex Bore Rams
Flex Bore Rams
Shearing Blind Rams
Straight Bore Rams
Variable Bore Rams
Temperature Rating


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