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GE Hydril

Hyril BOP Rams
The GE Hydril brand is in existence under GE Oil & Gas. GE Hydril offers industry-leading designs for blowout prevention in all surface and subsea applications. They were the first to develop the hydraulically operated BOP and the annular BOP; these designs were introduced in the 1930ís. Furthermore, GE Hydril continues to maintain their status within the top 3 blowout preventer manufacturers by persistently advancing the technology of the blowout preventer. GE Hydril offers a multitude of blowout preventer rams that protect personnel and equipment by reliably stopping unexpected surges of oil, gas and drilling mud from the well bore.

Variable Bore Rams, Inc. offers the following types of GE Hydril blowout preventer rams:

Dual Bore Rams
Shearing Rams
Straight Bore Rams
Variable Bore Rams


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