Variable Bore Rams, Inc. Enters Into Agreement with Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte Ltd to Provide Blowout Preventer Rams

LAFAYETTE, La. (Jan.22, 2013) – Variable Bore Rams, Inc.(VBR), one of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of blowout preventer components and ram providers in the world,has entered into an agreement with Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte Ltd to provide Blowout Preventer (BOP) rams, announced President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall, Jr.

Equipment stocking will begin in Feb. 2013 and will allow for the quicker deployment of rams in the Asia Pacific region. The range of stock will include rams of multiple sizes in varying categories including 7-1/16 inch, 3-15M; 11-inch, 3-10M; 13-5/8-inch, 3-10M; 18-3/4-inch, 10-15M; and 21-1/4-inch, 2M.

“We have a long standing relationship with Weatherford UK Ltd which significantly influenced being chosen for this contract,” said Marshall.”The company is proud to be connected with such a worldwide influence in the industry, and we hope that our presence in the Asia Pacific region will help us to grow globally and increase our service offerings overseas.”

The venture will be headed by the Weatherford Pressure Control Business unit and Variable Bore Rams, Inc.’s International Operations department.Both organizations will oversee all operational activity involved with the contract.