Variable Bore Rams Inc. Supports South Louisiana Flood Victims

BROUSSARD, La. (Sept. 12, 2016) – Variable Bore Rams Inc. is lending support to communities in the southern Louisiana disaster zone in the wake of recent flooding.President of VBR, Hines M. “Chip” Marshall Jr. said, “I am truly blessed to have everyone at VBR and the people of Louisiana in my life. I love southern Louisiana, and find the people in this region to be so gentle, loving and loyal to the core.When I moved here, straight out of Texas A&M, everyone welcomed me with open arms.”

After seeing the devastation the flooding has caused, Chip and VBR employees were compelled to do something. The team distributed gift cards directly to families affected by the worst U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, in an effort to help communities rebuild.

VBR was founded in Lafayette, La., in 1980 and is now headquartered in Broussard, La. With strong roots in the heart of southern Louisiana, the company employs multiple personnel from the surrounding area, and regularly hosts local appreciation events to strengthen the company’s ties with customers, vendors and the neighboring communities.

Chip continued, “I have grown to deeply appreciate the people and culture that surround and support our employees in southern Louisiana, and I owe so much to so many.”